Polymer Clay

I spent many days designing my Perky’s Paw charm.  I should have kept better track, but I’d say I made 40-50 models – possibly more!  At first I was making them out of silver clay, which was getting kind of pricey.

Then, Judi Weers, a kind soul from a metal clay group* I belong to, suggested I try a common polymer clay (PC) technique.  First, a model is made from PC.  The model is then used to imprint another piece of PC to make a stamp.  The stamp is then pressed into the metal clay, leaving the imprint of the original model.  In this particular instance, the polymer clay molds did not give me the detail I needed with the 1/16th” letters.  But using the PC in making models and molds was a helpful exercise and I have great plans for it in the future with projects that don’t include lettering.  Thanks Judi!  I’m sure you will find Judi’s web site as interesting as I did – her jewelry is fabulous – and I really enjoyed seeing how she decorated her PT Cruiser!

Model of Perky's Paw charm in polymer clay

Model of Perky's Paw charm in polymer clay

In working with PC for the first time, I drew on the experience of my dear friend Loretta, who makes beautiful jewelry out of PC.  I loved these whimsical pear earrings she made for a family get-together.  But I digress!  Loretta talked me through the nuances of the conditioning and baking processes and clued me in to “tricks of the trade” – thanks Loretta!  She will be opening a boutique on etsy soon – be sure you bookmark and stop by – she will be featuring her polymer clay creations, as well as her beautiful knit purses.

I am so lucky to have such talented and sharing artist friends like Judi and Loretta!

*MetalClay is a moderated group; if you have a genuine interest in metal clay, you may request membership.

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  1. Loretta November 17, 2009 at 1:20 am #

    Thanks Maria. It’s always a pleasure to help.