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Rough Lapis

MJSA Trade Show 2011

I recently spent a few days at the annual Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) trade show.  I always enjoy going –  to see what new equipment is available, to gawk at the irresistible stones for sale and to learn at the great seminars they offer. Today we will look at a couple of […]

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Your Opinion Please!

Oh my goodness, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? There was the Valentine’s Day rush, which was great.  Guys are so cute when they are shopping for a little something special for their sweeties!  I’ve also been trying to reorganize my studio, which is a job and a half.  My soldering, metalsmithing and shipping stations are nice […]

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Jars of Enamel Powder

Vitreous Enamel

I have a new box of crayons! Okay, not so much crayons as enamel.  I’m talking about vitreous – that’s glass  enamel – not glossy enamel paint. Let me give you a quick tour through the world of enamel. Enamel powder is made from a special kind of colored glass, very finely crushed.  When working with […]

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Think Spring!

Yes, we are in the midst of another winter snow storm – but the Pantone Spring color palette has been released!  Click on this Preciosa/Pantone link to see the three trending color suites.  You can see the dominant colors in each color suite by clicking on each square. So what tickles your fancy for Spring […]

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Giving Thanks

Stores are decorated, Christmas carols and holiday songs are playing . . . and the race is on.  Write out the cards, buy the gifts, wrap the gifts, make the cookies, plan the meals, deck the halls – you get the idea. Thankfully, we have Thanksgiving.  What began as a day to celebrate the harvest […]

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Out of the Box

Sorry for the late post – but I was at a supermarket today, selling my jewelry.  What, you say?  Yep, I was selling jewelry at a supermarket.  But not just any supermarket – my local Whole Foods Market invited me to exhibit at their Farmer/Artisan Market.  In today’s economy, it pays to think outside the […]

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Random Winner

Walk the Talk For Our Veterans

Winner Update: was the true random number generator I used to pick the winner of the Perky’s Paw Necklace.  It’s actually a pretty interesting program – ok, I admit,  I’m a nerdy former engineer.  They use atmospheric noise in the generation of the random numbers – so the winner is truly getting a gift […]

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Inspiration abounds!  Here are some photos from the stunning Valley of Fire desert in Nevada.  I was absolutely enthralled with the colors and textures throughout the area.  As my brain took it all in, I immediately started thinking of ways to incorporate this grandeur.  I’m liking the layers – but still need to think of […]

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What To Do, What To Do

A recently acquired strand of gorgeous faceted citrine with lots of sparkle – a natural for the season!  I’m going to have to dream up a design that shows those facets off to best advantage.  Thinking caps on!

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All Put Together

Last week I posted a fine silver toggle clasp that I constructed.  This week I paired it with a stunning strand of natural Italian coral to create this dramatic 29″ necklace. I’m pretty happy, with the necklace and also with my photography.  The photos have definitely improved since my private lesson with professional photographer, Yvonne […]

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