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Rough Lapis

MJSA Trade Show 2011

I recently spent a few days at the annual Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) trade show.  I always enjoy going –  to see what new equipment is available, to gawk at the irresistible stones for sale and to learn at the great seminars they offer. Today we will look at a couple of […]

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Your Opinion Please!

Oh my goodness, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? There was the Valentine’s Day rush, which was great.  Guys are so cute when they are shopping for a little something special for their sweeties!  I’ve also been trying to reorganize my studio, which is a job and a half.  My soldering, metalsmithing and shipping stations are nice […]

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Green to Silver

After two hours in the kiln the green ware leaf from the previous post was transformed into a leaf of fine silver, with the word “wisdom” on the reverse. The silver leaf was cooled, filed and sanded, dipped in a liver of sulfur bath and then polished. The chain was attached and the leaf was […]

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Before taking time off for Christmas, I had one final custom commission.  The order was for a bracelet in my “Leaf a Message” Collection.  The mold I used was one of the last remaining leaves from the butterfly bush in my backyard – buddleia, for those of you who know your plants!  Lucky thing I […]

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In the case of my Perky’s Paw charm, I created between 40 and 50 models to get it just the way I liked.  To repeat this process for each necklace would not only make me crazy, but would be prohibitively expensive.  Casting was my solution. Casting is the process where a model is used to […]

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Polymer Clay

I spent many days designing my Perky’s Paw charm.  I should have kept better track, but I’d say I made 40-50 models – possibly more!  At first I was making them out of silver clay, which was getting kind of pricey. Then, Judi Weers, a kind soul from a metal clay group* I belong to, […]

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Labradorite II

Well,  in my last post you saw a dramatic, chunky, labradorite necklace.  Today we have a different take on labradorite, with small faceted labradorite stones, faceted onyx accented with a fine silver floral charm and clasp.  I love the delicate scrolling on the clasp – nice detail you don’t see everyday.  I am happy to […]

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Labradorite I

The LI Wiomen’s Expo is coming up next week and I have been busy!  I finished one piece today that I have been mulling over for months.  It started with a beautiful strand of labradorite – chunky, angular shapes with spectacular fire and shimmer in the gray stones.  It started there – and then sat.  […]

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Ta Da!

Well, I have been very busy creating for the Women’s Expo – but I wanted to share with you the castings I received of my paw print charm: Here you see the front and reverse.  When I receive the sterling silver charms they are tumbled and shiny.   They don’t stay that way for long.  I […]

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