Do Over!

Please give me a second chance!  Yes, I know I have not posted in many months, but honest, I have been busy!

I rewrote my business plan.  My original plan was a whopping 8 pages long.  A bit of fluff, now that I look back on it.  My new business plan, complete with financial pages that I UNDERSTAND is now a very detailed 27 pages long.  I submitted this plan to two competitions geared to small businesses.  I won awards in both and am very confident that I have a viable business.  I received monetary awards from each competition, which enabled me to buy more tools.  New tools means new techniques!  I look forward to blogging about all this.

I was also recently elected to the position of Director of Resources for SCWBEC, a local organization which helps women-owned businesses in Suffolk County NY.  As a matter of fact, if you are a local woman business owner and would like to apply for a SCWBEC Award, the Stony Brook Small Business Development Center is sponsoring a free seminar on 9/23 to give you the tools to fill out the application, including how to write a business plan.  Remember, even if you don’t win an award, a business plan is a wonderful document to have in hand.  Email me for details and/or to RSVP.

Now for the biggest news of the past several months. If you recall, we are caretakers for Siena, a Labrador Retriever that belongs to the Guide Dog Foundation (GDF). In April, Siena became a mama! She whelped 8 healthy pups, 7 girls and 1 boy. All are now being raised in loving homes by their Puppy Walkers. At about a year old they will return to the GDF for service training. Two of these beautiful pups are in NC, one is in PA and the rest are here in NY. My sincere thanks to the Puppy Walkers who are doing such a terrific job raising Siena’s pups!  Here are some “awwww” photos:

Minutes old!

Siena & her pups, one day old.

17 days old - eyes are now open!

5 weeks old - they love to scamper and play together!

Saying goodbye to the 7-week old pups, before they go to their wonderful Puppy Walkers!

I can’t wait to see what “careers” these little guys will eventually choose – Guide Dog, VetDog, Bomb Detector or companion.  No matter which, these pups will always be well-loved, of that I am sure.

Look forward to more posts from me.  On Monday I will be Taking Care of Business, Wednesday will be All About Jewelry and Friday will be Random Fun & Beauty.  Consider the puppies today’s Random Fun!  Please join me here and on Facebook, as work and life unfolds.

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