Golden Jewels!

Siena’s friend, Ivy, whelped a dozen beautiful babies last Saturday.  A dozen!  Six girls, six boys, all future service dogs.  Puppies are my weakness, so when I was invited to see the babies, I ran right over.  I was in heaven, cuddling with so many sweet Golden Retriever puppies!  Go to the Guide Dog Foundation for more information if you are interested in raising a sweet little puppy for them – they could use the help, there’s a bumper crop of new puppies!   Enjoy this Friday’s Random Fun & Beauty!

Golden retriever and her new litter.

Proud mama, Ivy, with her three-day old puppies.


"Hey, let me in, it's lunchtime!"

Sleeping puppy


Sleeping puppy

Special cuddling for the littlest one.

Puppies and their mom

"We love our mama!"


Mama paws, baby paws. These puppies have some big shoes to fill, as future service dogs.

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