Introducing . . .


Meet our new pup from the Guide Dog Foundation (GDF) – Siena!  If you notice a family resemblance with the wonderful Miss Perky, it’s because they are sisters.  There were four girls in their litter and all were evaluated as potential breeder dogs for the GDF.  Evaluation tests looked at eyes, heart, hips and temperament.  Temperament is a rigorous test with many components – including how well they can handle the noise of a gun shot!  All four girls passed eyes, heart and the temperament test.  Siena and another sister had the better hips, so they were selected for the breeder colony.

Perky went off to training and we were left with a dog-less home.  Siena was raised out of state, so the GDF needed to find a local home for her.  Does this sound like a match made in heaven?  We are now the happy caretakers for Siena, Guide Dog pup extraordinaire!


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