Perky’s Paw Necklace

Perky's Paw Necklace, front and reverse

Perky's Paw Necklace, front and reverse.

I would like to thank everyone who purchased a Perky’s Paw Necklace during the last quarter of 2009.  Your support enabled Siena and me to bring a $400 donation check to VetDogs, an organization that provides service dogs to our veterans who are disabled.  If you would like more information on the Perky’s Paw Necklace, please contact me.

The VetDogs are marvelous!  Each is trained to match a specific veteran and to accommodate his/her disabilities.  In addition to helping with everyday life skills, the dogs provide an interface between the veteran and the public.  People tend to focus more on the service dog and less on the veteran’s disability, which enables the veteran a way to emphasize the present, rather than the war.  Our veterans have done so much on behalf of our country; I am thankful to have this opportunity to give back.

A veteran with her VetDog.

A veteran with her VetDog, photo courtesy of


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  1. Dee February 4, 2010 at 11:36 pm #

    Maria…that is totally awesome!!