Public Service Announcement – WITH Discount!

My daughter is with the Teach For America program.  She is teaching a wonderful group of 5th graders in the south Bronx how to learn and succeed.  She is in her second year of a two year commitment to the program and I see her and her TFA friends working so hard to make a difference in the lives of our city’s most vulnerable children.

Now here’s the DISCOUNT part!  The Gap Brands of Banana Republic/Gap/Old Navy have an annual Give & Get fund raiser.   You get a 30% discount on items in any of the three brand stores and Gap Brands gives 5% of purchases to Teach For America.  The coupon is good through tomorrow, 3/15 and and please read the fine print at the bottom of the coupon for the usual exclusions.

Click for the coupon and get up early to go shopping – or sleep late and shop online!  Get a great deal on those new spring clothes, help the economy and help Teach for America!

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