Beauty and Inspiration

The weather has been cooler lately and the leaves are starting to change color.   We have a nor’easter raging here tonight.  I was flipping through my photos and found these few that reminded me of warmer days.  See how they also serve as inspiration for jewelry design.

Look at how beautiful these colors look, side-by-side. The turquoise of the water, first against the sand, then against the dark green hills; the dark green hills against the sky blue. It all works so well together. Mother Nature is rarely wrong!

I love the shades of gray in this photo - so calming. This would translate to neutral stones or gems with varying color saturation, for a placid and coordinated feel.

Sunset on a cloudy night. Notice how a bright object becomes the focal point - like a jewel in a setting.

I love the serrated, radial texture of the palms against the smooth, linear coast. Contrasting textures lead to interest in photos - and in jewelry.

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  1. Loretta October 15, 2010 at 4:16 pm #

    Beautiful pictures