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A Special Piece of Jewelry – Part III

For the next component of this design, which I started here and here, I needed something to represent our U.S. Armed Services. I combed through the web sites of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy, looking for common elements.  Nothing.  Their logos were all different too.  I was at a loss. Then […]

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A Special Piece of Jewelry – Part II

I started the design of this special piece here.  Today I finished another step in the design as you can see: Or I should say Perky finished another step!  Yep, this is my dear sweet Perky’s paw.  Not to worry, no puppies were harmed in the making of this print!  I had originally used a […]

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A Special Piece of Jewelry

Yesterday I met with a representative of a non-profit organization that is dear to my heart.  She gave me her approval and blessing to embark on a fundraiser for the group.  Since receiving permission, design ideas have been flying through my head.  I have been researching stones and their traditional meanings.  The piece must be […]

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