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Jars of Enamel Powder

Vitreous Enamel

I have a new box of crayons! Okay, not so much crayons as enamel.  I’m talking about vitreous – that’s glass  enamel – not glossy enamel paint. Let me give you a quick tour through the world of enamel. Enamel powder is made from a special kind of colored glass, very finely crushed.  When working with […]

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Leaf A Message Leverback Earring with Turquoise Drop

Quick Camera Tip

I have a wonderful Canon EOS Rebel T1i.  I’ve had it over a year and love it.  But up until now, I never knew it had a Live View Remote Capture feature.  Simply put, this means that I can set my camera up on a tripod to photograph jewelry, connect it to my computer with […]

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Random Beauty

A little flip flop here.  My last post should have been “Random Fun & Beauty,” but was business-related instead.  So I owe you!  To atone, here are some photos of work by the glass artist, Dale Chihuly.  Fiori di Como is an installation in the ceiling of the Bellagio lobby, in Las Vegas.  It is […]

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