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Green to Silver

After two hours in the kiln the green ware leaf from the previous post was transformed into a leaf of fine silver, with the word “wisdom” on the reverse. The silver leaf was cooled, filed and sanded, dipped in a liver of sulfur bath and then polished. The chain was attached and the leaf was […]

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A New Collection

Don’t get too excited, so far this new collection exists mostly in my mind. I made my daughter a small dragonfly charm, which she put on a necklace chain.  She liked it so much that she asked if I could make her another small charm, add a delicate chain and make a bracelet.  Sure, no […]

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A New Medium!

Ok, I admit it – I have kindergartner tendencies.  You know how kindergartners are always so thrilled to learn something new, they just have to share with everyone.  Well, this past week, I took a class in silver clay.  Let’s just pretend this blog is a big refrigerator so I can hang up my new […]

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