Consider It a Warning

This is not the subject I had originally planned for this Monday business post.  But it’s important and applies to everyone.   I just picked up my laptop from the Apple store, where it was repaired.  Nothing major – my CD/DVD drive was acting flaky, brought it in and they replaced it (got to love that about Apple!)

BUT it could have been a hard drive crash, or something else that required replacing the hard drive.  Can you imagine losing EVERYTHING on your computer?  Photos, email, address book, documents, calendar, music – EVERYTHING!  Think about it for a few minutes.  Then go back up your data, preferably in two places.  You can find portable drives on sale for under $100 at Costco and the various office supply stores.  There are also services you can subscribe to that will automatically back up your system through the internet.  Choose what works best for you.  Back up daily if you use your system for business, at least once a week if you don’t.  Seriously.  Go.  Now.  Back up.

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