Do What You Do Best

Many years ago, when our family was young and in a new home – and money was much scarcer – we wanted to spruce up the overgrown backyard.  The landscaper came over and we clearly told him we wanted to do most of the digging, moving and replanting to save money – we only needed his services for a few difficult bits of a very large game plan.

He explained how we were letting ourselves in for a lot of backbreaking work and said “Why don’t you make money doing what you do best and pay me to do what I do best – I have the tools and equipment to get it done quickly and well.”  He got the job.

I remembered that recently, as I spent hours, days and weeks trying to get “wow” photos of my jewelry.  I have a great camera and all the equipment I need – I am lacking the knowledge.  I know jewelry – but there is so much more to running a small business.  Sometimes the smartest business decision is to know when to seek outside help.

So instead of investing more valuable time without a good return, I made an appointment with a professional photographer who will show me what I need to know for lighting, dealing with shiny surfaces and crystals, depth of field and all the other special requirements of jewelry photography.

I will make money doing what I do best – creating jewelry – and pay her to teach me what she does best – photography.  Sounds like a good deal to me!

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