Know Your Passion

If you are launching your own business, you had better be passionate about it!  You will be spending a lot of time with your new business.  If you don’t love it and believe in it, you will quickly grow resentful of all you have to do – and what doesn’t get done will sink your business.

Gas Turbine Abrams Tank

Gas Turbine Abrams Tank

For me, it’s been an interesting ride!  My career choices have spanned the extremes from left-brained to right-brained.  My original degree is in metallurgical engineering – the study of metals and materials – and I worked in aerospace for nine years.  Yes, I did research on developing new materials for gas turbine engines, was project liaison with the Air Force, tested material behavior and wrote lots of reports, always lots of reports.  This was my “left-brained” career full of exactness, precision and problem solving.  Passion #1.

I loved the engineering, but due to family circumstances, left that job when my first child was born.  I jumped into mommyhood full time.  It will always be the “career” I love the most – sometimes frustrating, as most moms will attest – but always very rewarding.  My family is my everlasting passion.


Mural of Shuttered Window & Tuscan Vineyard, over Plaster Finish

However, when my children were young, I took a course at my local library.  It was a basic stenciling course and it changed everything.  I had always considered myself a “math/science” person, not at all creative – but here I had produced some minor artwork to be proud of!  I joined a local stenciling group and from there a short jump to classes in faux finishing, murals, color theory and on to a second career in decorative painting for 15 years.  I loved playing with color and texture to find the best solution to make a room come alive.  Passion #2.

Alas, due to health issues I had to give up the decorative painting.  BUT, one day, while visiting colleges with my son, I happened into a bead shop in Maine.  I was enthralled by the colors – almost as good as painting!  I bought natural stone beads, tools and took a quick class on the spot.  I loved jewelry making and learned a great deal more through advanced classes in metalworking, enameling and gold granulation.  I was excited about how I could bring both my prior passions – metal, precision, problem solving, color and texture – into  the art form of jewelry.  Passion #3 was born and I have found my niche, in jewelry making.

Bloodstone in a Leaf-Textured Silver Bezel

Bloodstone in a Leaf-Textured Silver Bezel

Starting a business?  Take two things away from this post:

1)  Did you notice – when one door closes, another opens.
2)  Do what you love.  Make sure it has you jumping out of bed in the morning, eager to begin.  Make sure it always puts a smile on your face.

If you are going to work, you might as well be happy while you are doing it!

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