The Business Plan – Management

This section describes the company structure, key management team members, their function and strengths.

My company will have a jewelry designer, a jewelry fabricator, a customer service representative, a marketing specialist, a financial executive, an office manager and a salesperson.

All of them will be me.  Why do I think I can handle all this?  To start off, my original degree is in metallurgical engineering.  I graduated from Columbia well before it was in vogue for women to go into engineering.  To be a woman in engineering back then meant being very focused and determined – traits that will serve me well as an entrepreneur. After graduation, I worked in aerospace where I had numerous responsibilities during my tenure – Program Manager, Research Engineer, Test Lab Supervisor.

Skip ahead a bit to my next career in decorative painting, which was definitely more “right brained” than the engineering.  I started my own business helping clients beautify their homes with faux finishes, murals and stenciling.  I took many courses in decorative finishes, design and color theory to support my business.

Skip ahead once more to my new jewelry business, which I see as a wonderful amalgam, or intersection, of my prior careers.  These are the strengths I bring to the table for my new business:

  • Know more about metals and materials than the average jeweler.
  • Value good craftsmanship – would you want an imperfect part in an airplane engine?
  • Know that it is important to stay organized and on track.
  • Research and test new designs and techniques – be certain that anything new is viable, makes sense and is of heirloom quality.
  • Understand what comprises good design.
  • Experienced in the effective use of color and texture.
  • Understand that great customer support is integral to a successful business.
  • Experienced at marketing my art through various venues and media.
  • Knowledgeable about the financials necessary to document and run a business.
  • Have a mailing list of about 400 local people who have already purchased jewelry from me.
  • Have sufficient funds and support to start a business.

I think I have a good running start in getting this new business off the ground.  My varied experiences have given me many of the skills I will need to succeed.

It’s funny – one never knows where one will end up in life.

Next Business Plan section to tackle:  Operations.  Stay tuned!


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