The Business Plan – Market Analysis, Part III

Part III deals with marketing strategy – how am I going to get customers?

Art is a matter of individual taste. The more traffic I have, the better the chance that some of those people will like my work.  My current mailing list with  over 400 of my jewelry customers, will be an important initial source of traffic to my site.  In addition I will increase awareness of my new company with the following:

  • Send a newsletter to my customers with news of my new web site and company launch.
  • Sell my jewelry in high-end art galleries, as I have done in the past; the gallery link on my site will enhance the reputation of my work.
  • Sell a few pieces on the Etsy artisan site, in an effort to increase traffic to my site.
  • Offer members of my several businesswomen’s networking groups a special promo when site is first launched to draw traffic.
  • Periodically host jewelry events where my local customers may shop.
  • Write jewelry-related articles and submit to web sites that will promote my web site in return.
  • Write jewelry-related and publicity articles for local newspapers.
  • Viral marketing through fashion web sites and blogs.
  • Wear my jewelry every time I step out of my house and carry business cards.

Does anyone else have any other good ideas?  Please share!

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