Women Unite!

For all the women business owners – it’s time to get out there!  As a self-employed entrepreneur who works alone, I don’t have the opportunity to bat ideas around, as I would if I were in an office environment.  Siena is a wonderful companion, but she can’t give me business advice or tell me what she thinks of my latest creation.

Today I am attending a Membership Appreciation Tea for the Suffolk County Womens Business Enterprise Coalition (SCWBEC.)  As a current member of the SCWBEC Board, I have the opportunity to meet with other women business owners twice a month.  I really enjoy being a part of this group for the following reasons:

  • Camaraderie of like-minded women.
  • Learn how to run a better business through SCWBEC-sponsored seminars.
  • Float new ideas – either jewelry or business-related – and get honest feedback from members.
  • Network to help “match” businesses that might be helpful to each other.
  • Build relationships to help my own business.

Business is often about relationships.  Wouldn’t you rather do business with someone you know, or someone a friend recommended than with someone you picked out of the phone book? (or these days, googled!)  Of course you would!  I know when I need a product or service I look first to those I know, especially other women-owned businesses.

There are many Business & Professional Women organizations that would love to have you as a member – join one and increase the universe of people you know.  You will learn, you will help help others, you will help yourself – and you will have fun in the process!  If you are local to Suffolk County, join SCWBEC.  If you can’t find a local business women’s group, contact me and I’ll help you find one.

Women Meeting

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